Cyrtin alphabet

I’ve made this constructed alphabet to replicate all terrible features of Cyrillic while using Latin letter forms. It has got lowercase letters being just smaller variants of the capital letters (just great for readability), inconsistent treatment of /j/ and soft consonants, and other such misfeatures. And of course it is designed primarily for Slavic languages.

The full alphabet is:

Aa Bʙ Cc Dᴅ Ee Ëë Fꜰ Gɢ Hʜ Iı Ĭĭ Jᴊ Kᴋ Lʟ Mᴍ Nɴ Oo
Pp Qꞯ Rʀ Ss Tᴛ Uᴜ Vv Ww W̧w̧ Xx Yy Zz Ǝə Ꙗꙗ Юю

Some letters have different default values than in the standard Latin alphabet – /x/, Qꞯ /t͡ʃ/, Ww /ʃ/, W̧w̧ /ʃt͡ʃ/, Xx /ʒ/. This is mostly because they have no Cyrillic equivalents, so they were repurposed, in some cases based on visual similarity with equivalent Cyrillic letters.

Ꙗꙗ is of course iotified /a/, while Юю is iotified /u/ (as in Cyrillic), and iotified /o/ is written Ëë. Ee is also by default iotified, while its uniotified equivalent is Ǝə. When /j/ not followed by a vowel is needed, it is written Ĭĭ.

Jᴊ is (kinda arbitrarily) a soft sign. There is no hard sign, but apostrophe () is used instead, like in Belarusian and Ukrainian orthographies.

Here’s a Russian example – it is a direct transliteration from its Cyrillic equivalent, just to show that it is possible:

Ǝʜ, ꞯᴜxaᴋ, oʙw̧ıĭ s’ëᴍ ceɴ wʟꙗp (юꜰᴛᴊ) – vᴅʀyzɢ!

And here’s a Polish example – in a custom orthography, extended with letters Ąą Ęę Óó Ǝ̨ə̨:

Vwyscy ʟᴜᴅze ʀoᴅzą sę voʟɴı ı róvɴı v svoeĭ ɢoᴅɴoscı ı pʀavaʜ. Są oʙᴅaʀeɴı ʀozᴜᴍəᴍ ı sᴜᴍeɴeᴍ ı povıɴɴı posᴛə̨povacᴊ voʙəc seʙe v ᴅᴜʜᴜ ʙʀaᴛəʀsᴛva.

If it was hard to read, that was fully intended.

This alphabet is mostly a joke, please don’t use it for any serious purpose.

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